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Barry Say -- Introduction

Barry Say
Hi all,

I've got LibreCAD working on various machines (all Linux). I have been programming for more than 45 years, Fortran, BBC Basic, C and loads of assembler in the 1970s. I have worked a far bit with AutoSketch on Windows. which I paid real money for in the '80s.

My LibreCAD version downloaded as an Ubuntu package is 2.0.9. The version on Debian is even older.  I have now compiled from source on Debian (via QtCreator GUI and directly from the command line) and am working on 2.2.0.

I would like to assist with development and documentation but I would like to understand the status of the project.

What are the intentions for LibreCAD-3? Will it still involve Qt?  What is the probable timescale of introduction? How much of LC2 will be carried forward to LC3.

I am getting to grips with C++ and Qt to understand the program which involves many concepts I am familiar with, but the modern formalised structures are strange to me. I would like to know where to put my efforts.