CAM usage of Libre cad - double lines

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CAM usage of Libre cad - double lines

Hi I am new at CAD but a experienced technician.
I use MS Visio extensively which is in many ways very efficient but it have it's restrictions.
Two issues I would like to fix:
1 double lines which are deadly for CAM
2. the fillet command.

1. How can I efficiently find out whether double lines or better say overlapping lines exist in the drawing. If I mark the entire drawing all lines looks the same. If I mark every single line which is a hard work I can find overlapping lines.
Is there a efficient method?
2. The rounded or fillet command - in my older version after selecting two entities the program trims the corner automaticly. In the newer version (2.0.9-2 ) it does not. It makes a overlapping line between the arcs and you must delete the old line manually. This is inefficient.

Any comments are highly appreciated