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I have a font I have converted.  It is a “blueprint” font and is a “free” font from fonts101.  Doesn’t look too bad.


Searched GitHub and the FreeType project and finally found the two required dll’s for the converter.




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In general, things are going well.  I am working on some “standards” for US. 


Fonts work fine if you set the layer line width for text (or set the attributes) to something large enough to “fill in”.  Looks good.  I have an architect font (Free) but can’t convert as I get a message about FreeType6.dll missing or something similar?


Now, I have to figure out how to create a drawing, scale it, and drop it onto a paper size template (I might want to print with title block on ARCH B or ARCH D depending on need – and I  do NOT want the border/block to scale).


Hope you had a great Christmas.


Oh – I’m so slow sometimes.  Cute name.  LibreCAD.  And I was looking for a “free” CAD package.  😊




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So 1:96 was o.k. I just used letter size because anyone with an ordinary consumer model printer can test if the print outcome is right.

"Setting overall dimension scale to 1 and setting the other values worked much better." Can you explain more? I just would like to find out what is a standard AutoCAD - conform procedure, if there is any, for not to make wrong recommendations and templates.

Arrow/Tick Line Thickness works for me. Arrow/Tick and dimension line thickness can only be set together, not separately. The extension lines thickness can be set separately. The width of the cyphers is a matter of the general line properties of the dimensioning.

http://forum.librecad.org/file/n5715618/tickthick.png     http://forum.librecad.org/file/n5715618/tickthickwidth.png

You can upload a screenshot with "Insert Image"


Fixtures: in the Forum under "CAD templates, blocks etc...." in "Blocks" by claus82 he offers the library "arch_blocks.zip". Probably metric though.

"Oh – if I modify the block that is in the block list, will all blocks update by any chance?"
I'm not an expert with blocks, but I made a quick test and when I modified the block in the separate window the copies in the original drawing changed instantly. Or have I misunderstood you?



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