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OK, I first joined about one yr ago.  I am running Slackware 14.1, LC 2.0.7, and never use Windows online.  

I usta be an AutoCad driver, but am now retired.  I wanted to see what LibreCad was gonna do, as I usta do mostly AutoCad 2D assy drwings.  So, I was waiting for iso grid features, which have finally been instituted.  Unfortunately, I've discovered some other features are less than thrilling.  

My first roadblock was elipses on iso drws.  WTF!?  I went to "help" for help (duh!) and discovered the documentation was essentially non-existent.  So, I waited.  I waited one yer.  Now I discover there seems to be no feature for 'erase'.  WTF!?  

OK, I'll help.

I officially volunteer for documentation duty.  I say this, cuz I do NOT code.  I have experience writing documentation, but will not go near code or a debugger.  Someone please let me know how I can help, as I have a lotta time and I do not wanna wait any longer for features which were so basic to AutoCad.  Seriously!  I'll do what I can.  Put me in touch with someone.  ;)