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Ortho mode in command line

Hello everyone, I am a new user of librecad because I would like to use a free software rather than stay on Autocad.

Like everyone I have my habits when I work with autocad and I would like to find the same way to work on a CAD software. I'm drawing only 2D buildings plans.

I always draw my plans with the direct entry in ortho mode, this is to say that I create a line, I put the first point anywhere, I indicate the direction with my cursor and I indicate a number in the line control. It also works without the ortho mode but it is less convenient.
I only draw this way but I can not find an equivalence on FreeCAD could you help me ?
I know that I can draw with the relative coordonate but is so long when you need to draw a building.

sorry for my mistakes, I'm French
thank you