Panning with middle mouse button

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Panning with middle mouse button

I'm using libreCAD
Version: 2.1.3
Compiler: GNU GCC 7.1.1
Compiled on: Jun 26 2017
Qt Version: 5.9.3
Boost Version: 1.64.0
System: Arch Linux

I have the exact same issue as in
this thread:
When I press the middle mouse button to pan the screen, panning does work, but at the same time it zooms in until I release the button.
This makes panning with the middle mouse button unusable.

The reason for this behaviour is that my mouse (Logitech M-U007) has a "two stage" middle button: if I press it only slightly, it generates Button-6 events, ("left scroll"); if pressed all the way it generates Button-2 events (the regular middle button).

I tried working around the problem by disabling mouse buttons 6 and 7 with xinput. While it does disable the left/right scroll in all applications, libreCAD seems not to care - middle button presses still zoom in!

Is there a way to customize mouse button bindings in libreCAD?

Any other ideas, apart from getting a new mouse?