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Thank's for answer.
It's the first time I use this software.
I've red the manual, but ...
I can only draw circles and lines on the uniq horizontal line that red cross can't live.
Even rectangles are drawn as a single line over the horizontal reference line.
circles can only be drawn with the center on the horizontal reference line.
In other words, what's the command that should permit me to move the little red cross away from the horizontal reference line ?
I've not found.
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Do you mean the command "Vertical Line"? Watch the Tools Options Bar and set the length.

If you just want to draw "by hand" you can restrict the movement to vertical.

Or in the command line next point "@0,something"

Please explain the problem more detailed. You should study the manual. It's a bit outdated, but still useful for the basics.

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I don't really understand the problem. Do you mean everything sticks to the x-axis?
Does it help to enable free-snap?
Oh, an idea. Could it be you have accidentally locked relative zero? Unlock it again (click the button again).