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Selection of entities intermittent

Andrew Janke

Have scanned forum past posts and this has come up before but no answer (not from myself but another poster).

From time to time in a reasonably large .dxf file (3MB) I can no longer select individual entities. This is typically when using Trim or Offset. I can still select via rectangular select but not single clicks. You can sometimes make it work if you *very* carefully select in the centre of the line. Meaning only a single pixel will work.

From experience the problem tends to appear after copying and pasting a large number of elements in the drawing. But this may be anecdotal.

I can "fix" it by selecting all, copying and then pasting into a new file and save as a new name.

As per the previous post on this topic I have tried changing the scale but this doesn't change things.

While on this note, is it possible to have LibreCad "snap" to the closest item when clicking? or set a radius for clicks and it chooses the closest object?