Some questions about the LFF fonts

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Some questions about the LFF fonts

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I'm the main developer of LibrePCB and I'm looking for a vector font which can be used in PCBs to make Gerber export possible (only straight lines and arcs are allowed).

I found several existing fonts, for example:
- Hershey
- NewStroke
- QCad CXF
- LibreCAD LFF

As the first two do not support arcs, they don't look really nice, so I don't like to use them in LibrePCB.
The CXF and LFF look pretty nice because they support arcs and even allow to let characters inherit from other characters which saves space in the font files.

But I still have several questions, maybe someone of you could help me here?
- Why has LibreCAD introduced LFF instead of using CXF?
- What's the difference between CXF and LFF?
- Is there any documentation about the LFF file format?
- Are you satisfied with LFF or would you change something to make it better?

If I'm not mistaken, the license of most of your LFF files should be compatible with GPLv3 and thus could also be used in LibrePCB (which is GPLv3). But the source code of your parser (rs_mtext.cpp) is GPLv2 and thus probably not compatible with GPLv3(?).

Actually I wonder why there isn't a good "standalone" free vector font project which could be used in many other projects (e.g. QCad, LibreCAD, LibrePCB, KiCad, and many other CADs). There are many projects which require vector fonts. Maybe I will create such a standalone project instead of embedding it in the source code of LibrePCB. If I created a standalone LFF font parser, would you be interested in using this also in LibreCAD?

I would love to see some discussion about vector fonts here :)