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Trimming Splines

My current job is producing a dxf file for a CNC router of a simple dinosaur.

To do this I copied an image of the dinosaur and hand drew splines around the various parts, a separate spline for the body, each leg, and the head.
Additionally, spreading members are used to allow assembly of the dinosaur, in this case, into a simple table decoration.

To achieve the assembly, slots are added to the spreaders and shapes to enable the various parts to be connected into the 3-dimensional shape.

So, I need to add slots to the shape splines.
But, the Trim command will not work with splines (for good reason is you think about it), so the slot cannot be open to the perimeter of the shape.
There is a Trim Two command, but I cannot make sense of that at the moment.

I have had some success by dividing the spline at the intersection, and I can use this to get this job done, but I wonder If there is a better way ?