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hello all! i am new to librecad, and an occasional user of cad (some technical drawing, currently re-drafting my home plans for an extension).  i have had training in autocad, robocad and a few other tools a loooooong time ago and have been using ms Visio (in lieu of a cad package) in the meantime.

i am currently coming to grips with this software, running it on windows 7.  there are a few qwerks with this software that i am finding troublesome, so they will probably become questions to the forum after i have done a bit of reading and practice.

my main issues at the moment are learning to efficiently pan/zoom around the workspace whilst drawing/editing, getting a handle on how the tools work and needing libraries of architectural elements (doors, windows etc)  

i can probably make some small contributions to the documentation once i get a better handle on things.