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Google Summer of Code 2019 1 reply Announcements
Re: Italian translation request for permission 0 replies LibreCAD-translate
Re: Portuguese (Brazil) and Spanish (Mexican) user permission 0 replies LibreCAD-translate
Re: Dutch translation permission 1 reply LibreCAD-translate
Re: Horizontal Snap grid 2 replies LibreCAD-user
Re: How to draw a 'circle' with straight sides 0 replies LibreCAD-user
Re: how to calculate a surface 1 reply LibreCAD-user
Re: Status of COGO in LibreCad? 0 replies LibreCAD-dev
Re: existence or permissions issues 1 reply Troubleshooting
Re: Feedback - drawing preferences, extension lines, Width drop down list visibility issue 1 reply Suggestions & Feedback
Re: issue with large boxes drawn with dimensions that i cannot delete - SOLVED 1 reply LibreCAD-user
Re: CXF Files 1 reply LibreCAD-user
Re: polyline creation 0 replies LibreCAD-user
Re: Layer attributes with separate fill and line colors? 1 reply LibreCAD-user
Re: Say hello all 0 replies New user - Introduce yourself
Re: Documentation Standards 5 replies LibreCAD-doc
Re: New user 0 replies New user - Introduce yourself
Re: Objects taken apart when imported as blocks in draft mode 1 reply LibreCAD-user
Re: Text Font 0 replies LibreCAD-user
Re: Text Font 2 replies LibreCAD-user
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