2.0.5 released

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2.0.5 released

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Windows: http://sourceforge.net/projects/librecad/files/Windows/2.0.5/
OS/X Mavericks: http://sourceforge.net/projects/librecad/files/OSX/2.0.5/LibreCAD-2.0.5-Mavericks.dmg/download

In this 2.0.5 release, we added or changed since 2.0.4:

1, interpolation splineļ¼Œ Draw->Spline->Spline Points  (designed by Pavel Krejcir);
2, File -> Export as PDF
3, Korean language support;
4, smooth scrolling/zooming (designed by Oskar Linde);
5, allow user to hide splash at loading;
6, gcc-4.10 support;
7, Work-in-progress, finding enclosed area within a contour;
8, added appdata.xml;
9, "Modify->Round" renamed to "Modify->Fillet"
10, command line aliases can be made for both regular commands and short commands.

We also fixed many bugs since the 2.0.4 release.

Detailed commit logs are listed following.

Armin Stebich (7):
      added korean language support
      fixed missing entries for Hindi language support
      fixed windows packaging issue with Qt5 translation files
      prepare release 2.0.5 for windows installer
      fixed issue with 5.x windows installer concerning new Qt translation files
      fixed Export to PDF by replacing QPrinterDialog with QFileDialog
      added icon for action Export as PDF

Dongxu Li (46):
      display splash by options
      image: fixed rotation
      This feature is triggered unexpected for some users. We may want to     implement GUI for this fast layer modifying feature     Revert "Merge pull request #440 from ajisaacs/master"
      Revert "This feature is triggered unexpected for some users. We may want to"
      Enabled update entities to the active layer by rs_settings
      building muparser when pkg-config fails
      Squashed commit of the following:
      circle2_1p: fixed a crash
      bug#469, renaming Round to Fillet
      added appdata.xml
      Merge pull request #450 from spacekpe/master
      Merge pull request #451 from OskarLinde/smooth_scroll
      Fixed Qt4 wheelEvents
      Merge pull request #452 from OskarLinde/smooth_scroll
      Interpolation spline GUI
      fixed toolbar logic for spline
      fixed some compiler warnings
      file cleanup
      added copyright
      splinePoints: hide degree from options
      printpreview: add user scale at top
      printpreview: use at top policy in UML
      splinepoints: compiler warrning fixes
      SCM version 2.0.5
      hatch: minor cleanup for circle/ellipses
      hatch: file cleanup
      bug#474, restore brush after solid fill
      Find area of hatch. May create a new method in under Info     Squashed commit of the following:
      hatch: should show area hatched for all
      hatch area: file cleanup
      hatch area: handle separate cirlces/ellipses
      hatch area: line integral in entity classes
      cli: added location of OS/X alias file
      cli: added location of OS/X alias file
      cli: alias file to ignore line starts with #
      command: no need for multihash
      cli: alias can be short/commands
      file cleanup
      file cleanup
      painter: fixed ellipse solid fill
      file cleanup
      hatch: avoid duplicated points for solid fill
      removed unused submodule
      printer: enable print to file by default
      printer: added menu entry for print to pdf
      osx: building by Qt5.3.1

Oskar Linde (2):
      Enable smooth scrolling and zooming on platforms that supports this
      Preserve smooth scrolling state even when receiving spurious (0,0) pixelDeltas

Pavel Krejcir (9):
      tangent and intersection
      added intersection with quadratics
      cutting finished
      implemented file IO
      intersection finished
      first attempt of interpolating splines
      second attempt
      renaming splinepoints files
      added middle points

Petr Spacek (1):
      add command shortcut for "set relative zero position"

Tamas TEVESZ (1):
      Add g++ 4.10 to the list of compilers recognized