2.0.8 released!

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2.0.8 released!

This post was updated on .

It has been 8 months since 2.0.7, and LibreCAD v2 has become better.

Exciting New Features:

1. DWG read support! Big thanks to our CAD expert Rallaz ;
2. SVG export support! Salute to dinkel ;
3. Arabic Language GUI support. More work is needed for:
      * Right-to-left support for Text entities;
      * Arabic fonts for Text.
4. More user configurable settings in App Preferences.

Under the hood, there's lots of cleanup and coding style tweaking towards C++11, and the code base should be cleaner for new developers.

There is also lots of GUI and user experience tweaking, mostly following user requests. Clearly, LibreCAD needs help from more developers with the large volume of feature requests and bug reports from our user community.

The LibreCAD Team

Download installers:

commit log since 2.0.7 is following:

Armin Stebich (29):
      added language support for arabic
      Merge pull request #472 from serval2412/master
      applied patch #473 from glixx, added GenericName to librecad.desktop for KDE systems
      refactoring of construction layer attribute
      Merge pull request #475 from serval2412/master
      fixed errors from pull request #475
      Merge pull request #485 from leogargu/482-add-area-circle
      added/updated icons for File Export/Import/Save/Save As, Current Drawing Preferences and Help Manual; removed broken librecad16.png
      modified Draw Line icons as requested in forum, left to right direction
      adjusted column width of layer list, because of cropped icons
      Ellipse: snap on foci too when snap on center is activated
      clean up requestImageOpenDialog() and set All Image Files as default
      garbage deleted in latest SVG icon files
      added new image and tool tip for mouse widget in status bar
      added snap endpoints and middlepoints for full circle quadrants
      fixed RS_Circle::getNearestMiddle() comment for better doxygen formatting
      fixed drawing preferences, dimension alignment change needs dim text update too
      fixed RS_EntityContainer::getNearestCenter(), issue with multiple recursion
      fixed github issue #504, uninitialised values in RS_VariableDict
      Merge pull request #509 from korhadris/master
      fixed typo in errormessage, rs_filterdxfrw.cpp
      revert -j to -j4 for mingw32-make in windows build, build server crashed
      fixed gitgub issue #527, tool tip for selection toolbar forward button
      fixed polyline vertex dragging, as reported on IRC
      fixed dimension refpoint dragging
      fixed spline point dragging
      fix: apply status bar font size to active layer widget
      Merge pull request #541 from Solvoj/master
      centralized default graphic colors in RS_Settings

Christian Luginbühl (8):
      Extracting XML writing to dedicated class, added interface and rewrote to use QXmlStreamWriter
      Added (hopefully really needed) include of QObject
      Fixed 'File -> Export' icon
      Added unclosed degree 3 splines for convertion to bezier curves
      Added closed degree 3 splines for convertion to bezier curves
      Added quadratic splines for convertion to bezier curves
      Passing a few variables by const(ant) reference to omit copying stuff
      Fixed regression of ellipse creation in MakerCamSVG arising from f123224

Dongxu Li (366):
      bug#493, default dxfrw filter for dxf files
      build-osx: default gcc by MacPorts as in wiki
      build-osx: updated building scripts
      bug#497, allow saving by modified view
      printpreview: fixed offset message
      added Amiri fonts
      c++11 coding style
      splinepoints: fixed a crash, typo
      printing: fixed custom paper size
      arcTangential: use MuParser for options
      tan3: relaxed tolerance
      tan3: fixed a degenerate case
      layerwidget: context menu it text
      tan3: more fixes to find all possible solutions
      layerwidget: allow shrinking by expanding drawing area
      polyline: update bounding box after modification, bug#504
      command line focus: show by shortcuts
      bug#499: try only existing recent files
      bug#504, more fixes for invalid recent files
      File cleanup
      tan2r: find all solutions
      tan2r: fixed createTan2
      Merge pull request #502 from yoc3/master
      inscribe ellipse: degenerence troubleshooting
      ellipse: inscribed in symmetric trapezoid
      image: do not select image by rect for draft mode
      ellipse inscribed: fixed a crash
      vector methods
      use c++ vector instead of QVector
      header cleanup
      more header cleanup
      header cleanup rs_arc.h
      header cleanup rs_ellipse.h
      header cleanup math.h
      RS_VectorSolution: range based loop
      rs_arc: fixed some compiler warning
      more compiler warning
      fixed snapper
      file cleanup
      ellipse inscribed: using intersections to form quadrilateral
      ellipse inscribe: file cleanup
      added comment
      more header cleanup, initializer list
      header cleanup
      ellipse inscribed: file cleanup
      ellipse inscribed: more file cleanup
      rs_vector: cleanup for get() method, bug#508
      form quadrilateral: file cleanup
      command line: added default event filter from mdiArea
      file cleanup
      widget size policy: bug#503
      Merge pull request #507 from korhadris/master
      Merge pull request #508 from Ngassa/master
      rs_creation: header cleanup
      blockinsert: header cleanup
      actions: default dtors
      RS_Modification: QList -> std::vector
      clone() to const method
      hyperbola: cleanup
      entitycontainer: cleanup
      data classes to struct type
      spline data cleanup
      layerwidget: fixed a layout warning
      layerwidget: minor coding style
      math const: M_PI_2 for half Pi
      file cleanup
      bug#513: fixed draw mtext crash
      file cleanup
      RS_Vector: initializer list ctor
      vector solutions: initializer list style
      file cleanup
      infoarea: file cleanup
      Merge pull request #510 from Ngassa/master
      math: minor cleanup
      more file cleanup
      muparser: folder structure
      muParser: updated bundled to svn r34 version
      fixed a spline crash, bug# 514
      spline: more vector usage
      vectorsolution cleanup
      ellipse: simplified from quadratic
      Force color mode for PDF exporting
      updated appdata.xml
      vector: simplified toInteger
      added llge dxf library: issue #506
      llge data scripts
      ellipse: cleanup for fromQuadratic()
      infodist: precision by unit settings
      InfoAngle: precision by unit settings
      InfoDist2: precision by unit settings
      more info: precision by unit settings
      merged dinkel's SVG saving     TODO: win32 building needs libxml2++     Squashed commit of the following:
      README cleanup
      drawText: fixed a crash
      drawText: fixed a crash
      updated README.md
      rs_vector: fixed a crash
      ellipse: fromQuadratic cleanup
      inscribed ellipse: fixed a tolerance issue
      ellipse: create from quadratic form
      replaced QVector with std::vector
      mdiWindow: file cleanup
      mdiwindow: file cleanup
      Squashed commit of the following:     new CAD toolbars     commit 2641731a5f8357290b1689d065e5992898069db3     Author: Dongxu Li <dli@tamaggo.com>     Date:   Sat Apr 18 13:51:46 2015 -0400
      moved LC_SimpleTests for testing
      fixed a compiler warning
      file cleanup
      renamed MakderSVG additions to LC_ prefix
      drw_entities: fixed a compiler warning
      snap toolbar cleanup
      file cleanup
      ellipse: fixed foci
      ellipse: more file cleanup
      snap toolbar cleanup
      camSVG: static to anonymous
      camSVG: use ellipse::getEllipsePoint()
      Merge pull request #518 from dinkel/fix-qobject-include
      drawingOptions: landscape cleanup
      issue #716, by Palmitoxico
      more issue #716 fixes
      file cleanup
      recent files: cleanup
      recentFiles: moved some methods from appWindow
      file cleanup
      snap command fixes
      moved GUI for tests to LC_SimpleTests
      cadtoolbar: adjustsize() when displaying toolbar
      SplinePoints: fixed crash by ref points issues #520
      fixed last commit
      fixed a crash by freehand line, bug#515
      line freehand: cleanup
      file cleanup
      dxfrw: register class deprecated
      rtti() const member function
      rs_entity: file cleanup
      rs_entity: refpoints constness
      rs_entity: getGraphic constness
      rs_entity: more constness fixes
      getNearestDist: constness
      getNearestCenter: constness
      count(): constness
      entityContainer: range based loop
      header cleanup: math
      entitycontainer: more range based loop
      grid: file cleanup
      grid: file cleanup
      grid: file cleanup
      grid: file cleanup
      grid: file cleanup
      grid: file cleanup
      grid: removed grid count() methods
      grid: limit parameters
      grid: file cleanup
      rs_pattern: file cleanup
      constructionline: file cleanup
      rs_graphic: c++11 style
      polyline: equidist option sizepolicy
      graphicview: fixed a segfault at closing
      graphicview: file cleanup
      rs_graphicview: constness cleanup
      graphicview: more constness
      const_cast cleanup
      cadtoolbar: fixed restoreAction
      defaultAction: show previous cadtoolbar at right click
      plotequation: fixed for bundled muparser
      muparser: building cleanup
      circle2pr: cleanup
      circle2pr: draw circle center in preview
      circle2pr: cleanup
      fontList: c++11 style
      mouse tip cleanup
      file_io: c++11 style
      file_io: detectFormat for both read/write
      file_io: cleanup
      file_io: file cleanup
      cli calculator: precision=12
      rs_layer: constness
      cadtoolbar line: fixed parallel through
      equation solver: run newton-raphson
      building scripts: auto jobs for make
      snapToolBar: show restrict orthogonal in snap ToolBar
      equation solvers: added debugging info
      bisector: GUI improvement
      file cleanup
      osx building: make -j4 by default, building server issue
      osx: qmake uses default spec
      header fixes: <cmath>
      Revert "osx: qmake uses default spec"
      inscribed ellipse: highlight the last line
      circle inscribed: highlighten tweaking
      inscribed circle: verify solutions
      circle inscribed: gui tweaking
      ellipse inscribed: gui
      atomicentity: separate into cpp
      orthTan: preview cleanup
      highlight: redraw changed entities
      file cleanup
      osx: building qmake spec
      file cleanup
      tangent2: show highlighted circles
      tangent2: avoid catching the same circle twice
      creation: file cleanup
      orthTan: line start/end point fixes
      tangent1: highlight arcs
      file cleanup
      file cleanup
      issues #525 : shift key clears command line
      header cleanup
      header cleanup
      file cleanup
      units: file cleanup
      units: update
      units: cleanup fractional format
      General option: modify layer attribute of selected at layer activation
      General option: Modify layer of selected, text
      file cleanup
      settings: file cleanup
      file cleanup
      tan2_1p: fixed a crash at Esc, issues #478
      math: file cleanup
      change layer for selected: added to undo cycle
      linetype: cleanup
      undocycle: file cleanup
      grid: file cleanup
      undo: file cleanup
      Fixed a spline crash: issues #529
      More fixes for issues #529
      draw spline: cleanup
      arc:file cleanup
      issues: #528 #530 cleanup for layer deletion
      blocklist: new algorithm for newName() at copying
      container: count selected by entity types
      Experimental: skip "Select" action, if already selected
      fontList: cleanup
      fixed a print preview crash
      fixed a print preview crash
      fileio: building issues
      tan3: find all tangential circles for 3 lines
      file cleanup
      file cleanup
      container: use std::set instead of QList
      splinepoints: removed QList
      blocksmove: replaced QList with std::vector
      line/polyline: QList to vector
      tan3: fixed for a pair of parallel lines
      actions: constness
      tan3: fixed 1/2 lines
      tan3: file cleanup
      container: fixed std::set building issue for fBSD
      quadratic(e,e): fixed line counting
      quadratic: fixed tangential circle of two circles
      tan2, tan3p: file cleanup
      actions: removed leftover updateToolBar()
      quadratic: cleanup for private members
      toolbar select: message cleanup
      ellipse fociPoint: help message
      parallel through: file cleanup
      printpreview: cleanup
      print preview/default: action cleanup
      parallel through: cleanup highlight at finish
      printpreview: fixed menu entry logic
      mdiWindow: fixed a crash at closing
      debug: debugging macro tweaking
      action: rtti() cleanup
      action modify: header cleanup
      file cleanup
      draw actions: qaction cleanup
      cpp header style
      dim entities: constness
      constness cleanup
      tangential2: fixed ellipse/ellipse
      issues #497 : fixed tan3 for line and 2 circles
      issues #497 : fixed tan3 for 2 line2 and 1 circle
      issues #490 fixed moving by focus for ellipse ratio larger than 1
      hatch: a fix for ellipse detection
      hatch: a fix for hatching regression
      file cleanup
      plugin list: added splinepoints type
      fixed a polyline regression
      fixed a hatching regression
      Drop Event to open files
      eventhandler: file cleanup
      RS_Entity: copy ctor, experimental feature
      actions: file cleanup
      infoangle: file cleanup
      lock relative zero: file cleanup
      bevel: file cleanup
      snapper: catch by a set of entity types
      catch entities by a set of entity types
      vector: initializer_list cleanup
      command: switch from QHash to std::map
      command: added more full commands
      command: file cleanup
      command: file cleanup
      command: cleanup of QObject leftover
      vector: file cleanup
      command: updated command definitions
      document: fixed copy ctor, bug# 521
      entitycontainer: added copy ctor
      container: fixed previous commit
      Revert "container: fixed previous commit"
      Revert "entitycontainer: added copy ctor"
      Revert "document: fixed copy ctor, bug# 521"
      Revert "RS_Entity: copy ctor, experimental feature"
      optionsDrawing: fixed an qt4 building issue
      command history: hide/show context menu
      command history: fixed a typo
      hatch: fixed a regression at copy/move
      file cleanup
      scripts: added nightly-build-osx.sh
      plotequation: file cleanup
      plotequation: generate splinepoints, POC
      plugin: added addPolyline() api
      cadtoolbar: removed base cad toolbar form
      plot equation: added options for entity types
      cadtoolbar: minimum width=73
      cadtoolbar: file cleanup
      plugin api: fixed a building issue on fBSD
      Revert "cadtoolbar: file cleanup"     waiting for rework on CAD toolbars
      Revert "cadtoolbar: minimum width=73"
      SVGMaker: initial support for more length units
      makercamsvg: constness fixes
      makercamsvg: minor tweaking of units
      splinepoints: file cleanup
      cadtoolbar: toolbar sizes
      cadtoolbar: file cleanup
      optiongeneral: fixed a building issue
      splinepoints: added bounding rect method for a segment
      Merge pull request #544 from rvt/master
      splinepoints: spline/spline intersection by checking segment overlap
      splinepoints: a quick fix for snap-middle, could break splinepoint snap-middle
      splinepoints: fixed snap-middle
      draw line hor/ver: show snap point
      math: file cleanup
      math: quadratic solver, numerical stability
      gui: PoC for device pixel ratio
      freehand line: show snapper by mouse move
      freehand: file cleanup
      tan3: added support for point entities
      tan3: file cleanup
      entitycontainer: allow snapping on blocks, bug#523
      graphicview: ctor style cleanup
      default action: allow panning by Ctl- dragging
      tan3: updated tooltip
      build-osx.sh: allow using of system default qmake
      nightly-build-osx: fixed previous commit
      bug#494: added command for lengthen
      command: more details on alias file
      zoomIn: file cleanup
      issue #546 , Ctl +/- to zoom around cursor
      graphicview: file cleanup
      freehand: fixed preview at drawing time
      preview: fixed the previous commit
      painter: constness
      overlay: experimental: bit xor to avoid invisible preview
      splinepoints: fix for qt4/clang
      painter: header cleanup
      graphicview: draftmode cleanup
      graphicview: file cleanup
      fBSD: qt4 building issue
      bug #526 redraw updated relative zero
      file clenaup
      bug# 509: avoid default pdf file name in dialog
      2.0.8 preparation
      issue: #554 scroll bar slider sizes
      issue #554 : fixed slider sizes

Julien Nabet (2):
      Fix cppcheck warnings:     - (style) Same expression on both sides of '||'     - (performance) Prefer prefix ++/-- operators for non-primitive types
      cppcheck: memory leaks

Leonor's Penguintosh (1):
      Add full circle area function

Miguel E. Hernández Cuervo (1):
      libdxfrw: Removed unnecessary return statement from "lineWidth2dxfInt(enum lineWidth lw)".

Ngassa Amalia (1):
      Corrected a comment in drawwllipseaxis.h

Pootle (6):
      Updated translations from pootle server
      Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/LibreCAD/LibreCAD
      Updated translations after lupdate
      Updated translations from pootle server
      Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/LibreCAD/LibreCAD
      Updated translations after lupdate

R. van Twisk (1):
      Modified build scripts for OSX

Rallaz (39):
      libdxfrw: added support for AppId
      libdxfrw: mem leak in dtor.
      libdxfrw: added support to extended data
      libdxfrw: support to write ext data
      added use of extended data for contruction layer
      libdxfrw update to 0.6.0
      make filterdxfrw working & enable dwg support
      added missing files from previous commit
      libdxfrw: dwg, bugs & image support
      update messages in filterdfxrw
      fix overloaded warning & os/x error
      add hack to pass fit point as control point
      libdxfrw: fix some memory issues
      libdxfrw: fix issues & complete header write
      update to 0.6.1 fix mem leak
      Patch for bad check font format
      rewrite RS_FilterDXFRW::toNativeString to solve complex tags
      WIP: add more options for dimensions, lw ready
      added fixed length in linear dims
      dim units ui ready
      dims: units & precision ready
      dims: color support ready
      dim: added support for text style & decimal separator
      corrected DIMTXTSTY -> DIMTXSTY
      Merge branch 'master' of github.com:LibreCAD/LibreCAD
      fixed minor typo in libdxfrw
      plugins: fix SF bug #470
      enable build of picfile plugin
      list plugin, correct print of color
      prevent crash with round/bevel in text
      Fix bug #449 & crash whit polyline bevel when no trim
      Merge branch 'master' of github.com:LibreCAD/LibreCAD
      correct previous commit
      Bug #225 Always draw dim text in solid line
      plugin:addPolyline() arc support
      verify correct ratio in ellipse
      don't read/write empty polylines
      Revert "don't read/write empty polylines"
      correct don't read/write empty polylines

Tamas TEVESZ (4):
      Update FreeBSD instructions
      Update FreeBSD instructions
      Fix README.md
      Suppress error message

amalia (1):
      Some hacks to the formulars to convert between radians,degrees and gradians

dinkel (3):
      Merge pull request #536 from dinkel/fix-export-icon
      Merge pull request #538 from dinkel/feature-makercamsvg-splines
      Merge pull request #539 from dinkel/fix-makercam-ellipse

korhadris (3):
      Fixing issue:500. Setting the checkbox for the Statusbar option in the     View menu to be checked to reflect that the status bar is displayed by     default.
      Merge pull request #1 from LibreCAD/master
      Modifying QC_ApplicationWindow::loadPlugins to skip loading plugins     with the same file name. This is a common problem when using two     versions of LibreCAD (one installed and one in a build area).

r-a-v-a-s (8):
      implemented QColorDialog and added more default colors
      added default custom color; added current value as initial color
      added layer/block selection color option
      added link to wiki
      Germans like long words, not long links.
      set help manual links to open in web browser
      shortened wiki link
      set object name to fix saveState error

ravas (32):
      added more commands
      added 11 commands
      fixed bevel/fillet merge; fillet has cmd now
      added commands for 8 more actions
      added commands hatch, ha, mtxt, txt
      changed selection highlighting in command output
      added missing bracket
      remove whitespace from start and end of command input
      automatically copy commandline output selection
      unified command input/output selection color
      cal: convert sin(45d) to sin(45*pi/180)
      improved previous commit
      removed testing remnant
      simplification / improvement of last commit
      switched to QRegExp for now
      promoted teHistory
      promote teHistory (part 2)
      simplified and organized
      remember tab in drawing preferences
      remember tab in application preferences
      removed unused functions
      updated comments
      changed layer selection color
      removed font size 14 for statusbar
      paler green until option is implemented
      fixed grid hotkey
      Merge pull request #542 from r-a-v-a-s/color_options
      Merge pull request #545 from r-a-v-a-s/selection_color
      Merge pull request #547 from r-a-v-a-s/wiki_link
      fixed sc/sd command bug
      hide print preview options; issue #552
      added some links // clean up

yoc3 (1):
      fixed issue #498: Tiny line styles aren't saved
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