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ASCII file format

Does anyone know if the format of an "imported ASCII" file is documented
anywhere?  I've tried various layouts, including one that's mentioned on
this board, and I always get the error message: dibpunto procesFile.

Thanks - Will
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Re: ASCII file format

The format is:

N = point number
X = x data (east)
Y = y data (north)
Z = z data (elevation)
C = code like "wall" "axis" "pine" etc. (optional)

decimal sepparator allways is point.
field separator can be:
tabulator, space or comma.

The message "dibpunto procesFile" are for information
and a more correct message is "Processing ascii file..."

Note that if the current view is from 0,0 to 240,120 (p.e.)
and points have a extension from 500,500 to 1000,700 (p.e.)
seems that did not work.

When the plugin ends you must run "View->Auto zoom" or
double click with middle button mouse