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About "Create Block" command.



- I want to discuss about "Create Block" command.
  When executing "Create Block" command, if the block already exist,
  LibreCAD mercilessly say in a dialog box:
        "Renaming Block"
        "Could not name block. A block named "myblock" already exists."

- First, LibreCAD is faulty when saying "Renaming Block".  It should
  say "Naming Block".

- Second, how come LibreCAD do not let the user the choice of
  overwriting the existing block with the one it is currently creating?
  This is a situation frequently encountered when user want to
  replace a block with something else, already present in the

- My suggestions is:

        1) In the dialog box, change "Renaming Block" by "Naming Block".

        2) In the dialog box, change "Could not name block. A block named
           "myblock" already exists." message by:
           "A block named "myblock" already exist!".

        3) In the dialog box, replace the [OK] button by the 2 following
                [Overwrite]    [Cancel]

        4) Implement the [Overwrite] button functionality.