An idea about curves...

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An idea about curves...

l'AMI Yves
Long ago, I used I-don't-know-what CAO program which had "Bezier curves" tools. The reason why I find Bezier curves better than splines is that the points you define belong to the curve. Each point has its position and two vectors which are "upward" and "downward" tangents, so you can define the curve with a great precision. At most, the edit tool allows you to select one point, move it, or modifie either tangent vector by moving its extremity.

After all, I suppose that many reader of this forum know Bezier curves. And I suppose it is not obvious at all to program that function. I'm not a strong enough mathematician to imagine if it is possible to transform Bezier curve definitions into spline definitions, or even how to transform them into curve on the drawing...

But just now, it is the tool I miss, so "I sow the idea" and let us see what happens.

By he way, LC is a great program. Thanks to all.