Ascending the LibreCAD brick wall

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Ascending the LibreCAD brick wall

After many years of usage of a wide variety of computer programming languages, always as a beginner with a relatively simple task in mind, I'm arriving at the LibreCAD brick wall  as georgesbasement.

The task I face presents a choice between making a series of small gears from a sheet of brass by:
1. Cutting them out of the sheet with a trepanning tool in a small milling machine ... or
2. Having a laser-cutting service do the cutting from my LibreCAD drawing.

So far, with only the help of Google, I've managed to lay out the beginning of my drawing with just one of the three or four sets of gears that I may be able to fit into a twelve by twelve inch sheet of 1/8 inch brass.

No, I don't expect the laser to produce the teeth in the gears - just gear blanks with an allowance for machining the OD's, followed by hobbing the teeth in bunches of three or four.

My present goal is to produce a drawing which I can submit to the laser-cutting company for a cost estimate and feedback.