Correction for Bug Ticket #596

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Correction for Bug Ticket #596

ken rector
I have implemented changes to correct the problem described in SF Bug Ticket #596.

The current LC implementation does not correctly handle transformation of dxf entities from OCS to WCS as described in the Autodesk dxf reference documentation.

My fix will correctly transform ARC and CIRCLE dxf entities; the most common entities to require this transformation.   It involves ~10 files.

Because of the extent of the changes and to ensure that these changes are correct and efficient I would like to consult with Dongxu Li (dxli) and other developers familiar with rs_arc.cpp and rs_ellipse.cpp; by personal email if possible.  I'm a little hesitant to submit a pull request until this happens.

If my changes are acceptable I plan to later continue extending the fix to other entities as required.

I am completely new to git version control and would also like advice on how to proceed with the pull request.

I have included a screen shot  .dxf file with two circle entities requiring rotation (extrusion) showing the current implementation on the left and my correct implementation on the right.

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Re: Correction for Bug Ticket #596

That sounds promising kenr.

Sadly, dxli had to quit his engagement for private reasons. But you can contact me by mail.
Go to my profile, there is a link send email to LordOfBikes.
Or join us on Zulip chat at

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