Couple of suggestions concerning Build 2.1.0

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Couple of suggestions concerning Build 2.1.0

Hi  r-a-v-a-s
Many thanks for your version 2.1.0.  Your efforts are much appreciated.  The widgets are a great help, especially the list of past commands on “Right Click”, and the fact that I can put Select and Erase at the top of the Left-hand toolbar.
It is worrying that you now appear to be the only person developing LibreCAD, and sorting out the bugs.  However, if you get time -

1.  In 2.0.9, when dimensioning, we could “Window Zoom” to place the origin, then “Auto Zoom” and “Window Zoom” again to select the “Second Extension line origin”.  When we cancelled the Zoom mode after zooming to the second point, the “Dimension” command resumed.  This was very useful in large and cluttered drawings.
In 2.1.0, when we cancel the “Zoom” mode the “Dimension” command does not resume.  Could we have the feature back?  (A work-around is to use the mouse wheel for zooming and panning.)

2.  When hovering over icons, the Tool Tips are almost hidden behind the cursor. Compared to 2.0.9, the cursor is now larger, the text is smaller, and in 2.0.9 the text was bolder.
Could the tips be moved a bit more below the cursor, and the text made larger and bolder again?

3.  In MText, with columns of numbers, the “Tab” works in the Tools/Modify/Properties pane, giving neat columns of numbers, but the Tab is ignored in the actual drawing.

I managed to install your 2.1.0, with a lot of trial and error.  After all your effort, you might get more people interested in using Build 2.1.0 if the “Find it, Download it, Install it, Run it” process was a bit  more fully explained.  I still don’t understand whether I am running the Windows version under Wine, or a native Linux version.  We newbies are sometimes well-qualified design engineers, but understanding computers is not a priority.

Perhaps your Announcements/2.1.0 Released page could have a little more explanation.  Such as, what are the LibreCAD-installer-2.1.0.exe and the LibreCAD_2-1-0.dmg files?  Is the former for Windows, and the latter for Linux?  Will the .exe version run under “Wine”?  (I think that is what I am doing, very successfully.)  How to install the program after downloading it, and then how to start it?

Have I put this in the right section of the forum?  Not sure whether it should be in LibreCAD -dev, LibreCAD-user, or Suggestions and Feedback.
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Re: Couple of suggestions concerning Build 2.1.0

This post was updated on .
The good news is that since the release of 2.1.0
community activity has been steadily increasing,
which includes some new code contributors! :-]

1. In about a year's worth of development,
not a single tester complained about losing the action backstepping.
But wait... it's still possible! It works for commands!
You can use the 'zw' command instead of using the tool icon.

2. I believe your desktop environment is responsible for the change in tooltips...
actually it's probably because of your Wine setup...
Aside from the location where it is placed, you can change pretty much everything about tooltips,
now that I have added the ability for users to select their own style sheet.

    background-color: white;
    font-size: 16px;
    font-family: "Arial";
    font-style: bold;
    color: black;
    border: 2px solid lightskyblue;
    padding: 2px;

3. Did this work before? I'm not aware of any changes regarding this.

The .exe files are Windows installers.
The .dmg files contain an App file for OS X (Mac).

If you don't want to build from source or use the daily ppa (as described in the other topic)
then I recommend getting on the Ubuntu forum
and ask about what is the proper place to request an update for the LibreCAD package.