Designing known machines and devices in LibreCAD

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Designing known machines and devices in LibreCAD

Good day,

My name is Louis, I am to hire LibreCAD experienced people to design and make technical drawings for existing simple machines and devices. Each of those machines is to be under GNU Free Documentation License, so that it may be reused by other people. They will be used in third party countries and shall become part of free culture.

The machines are related to mining and handling rocks.

As of now, if you see this message and you are experienced in LibreCAD, I am in need of 2D drawings, so please apply with me that we may arrange the works.

Each work is paid work. You will be paid to produce LibreCAD design that is going to be published and the GNU FDL. If you love free culture, this is great to participate and do.

Contact me that we may start the works.

Thank you,
Jean Louis
Hiring LibreCAD designers for free culture machines