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Feature proposal

I use templates a lot. Mine are mostly 'frames' to make the drawing look pretty with title, date etc..
I have them for different scales 1:1, 4:1, 10:1, 1:4, 1:10 etc..
I put commonly used layers in these templates, so I don't have to keep creating the same ones.
All OK so far.
It would be nice if, when loading a template, the dimensions preferences (text height, etc.) would be transferred to the main drawing. I keep having to readjust them, depending on the scale.
I realise that this only really applies to 'frames' and that other 'assemblies' maybe should not do this ??
Anyway, a suggestion.


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Re: Feature proposal

I have another feature request, related to this.

I use frames for my drawings (as Bob does). These are A4-specific, which means that the dimensions of text and lines are "fixed" by the dimension of the paper.
Now, if I want to draw an object which is very small or very big (in the real world) with respect to an A4 sheet, I'm forced to scale either the drawing or the frame.

In the first case all my dimensions become wrong, changed by the same scaling factor used to resize the drawing.
In the latter case, the text and the lines width need to be adjusted every time.

So my suggestion is to implement a "dimensions scale factor" which could be used to scale every dimension displayed in the drawing.
In this case I just have to:
 - draw 1 single A4 layout (not like bob which has drawn one frame for every scale factor) and reuse it every time
 - draw a 1:1 object, with all the dimension annotations in real units
 - resize the object to fit the A4 frame -> take note of the scaling factor
 - set the "dimensions scale factor" in some menu (I suggest Edit/Current drawing preferences)
 - print

I think this may be useful for everyone who is using frames!
Thank you for considering implementing it.
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Re: Feature proposal

Michael Hayes
This is why CAD programs like AutoCAD, TurboCAD, etc have separate World Space and Paper Space. For example you draw a house full size in World Space and then you set up a drawing sheet and title block in Paper Space and add a viewport which shows some or all of what you have drawn in World Space suitably cropped and scaled for printing.

The advantage of this approach is that you can have multiple viewports showing different parts of what you've drawn in World Space all at different scales on the same sheet in Paper Space. Using the example of a house you might want to show the Front Elevation at 1:100 scale, the Ground Floor Plan at 1:50 scale, and the Kitchen at 1:20 scale.

CAD programs which take this approach usually allow you to have more than one Paper Space (but only one World Space). So you can also set up several different drawing sheets with viewports showing different aspects of what you have drawn in World Space.