File permission error! Loosing drawings..........

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File permission error! Loosing drawings..........

Jim Thompson
I am loosing drawings again due to file permission error problems.
Can someone please inform me of why there is such as thing as "file permissions". This has haunted me from the time i started with LibreCad. i put a lot of time into a drawing recently only to loose access to it.
What should i do from the start to ensure the following:

1. I can open the file after saving.

2. I can transfer the file to (copy it to) a USB stick for reading on another computer without strking a "Caution; read only" warning or some such inhibitions.

I need free access to my work. I'm sure there must be something I am not doing that will rectify this. But I cannot continue until I find out what it is.

All relevant information and/ or tutorials will be welcome.