Having a use again for CAD!

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Having a use again for CAD!

Greetings to all,

Wanting CAD to have knife blanks cutout by an automated means. Back in the T-square/Triangle (70's) days long before there was CAD I learned the basics of drafting. After a career in the Military, I had the need to learn how to use a computer and a form of CAD during my 2nd career with Lowe's. Now that I'm fully retired, I took up an old hobby of mine.... Knife Making. This "Hobby" soon became a full time job around 2014. I'm not complaining, it keeps me busy and out of the wifes' hair.

I had a Student copy of AutoCAD from 2005 and tried to use it again, but because it's more than 4 yrs. old they won't accept it. SO... here I am.

Lee Haag
Lightning Sharp LLC.
Handmake Knives
Killeen, Texas