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Hey.... Jamie van Cadsand...

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Hey Guys...

I am Jamie van Cadsand, 25 Years old and I want use LibreCAD for architectural designs
for FreeCAD... now I learn FreeCAD, but I use LibreCAD for architectural maps thad I want
draw for FreeCAD... I work also with blender.

I want use LibreCAD for architectural design, but also i want maby use it to create patterns
for textures in blender, but only i get an problem with the "hash tool"...

I work at the "Glazenpui" in Vlissingen and i make drawings... but for my hobby... i love
sciensifical programming, architectural design and photo-realistic rendering... Also i am
intressed in 3d-printing and technica...

This is the resion thad i work with 2D and 3D CAD Software... I use LibreCAD for precise
parametic design like architectural maps, patterns and masks for my hobby...

As example to use my architectural maps, thad i get drawing in LibreCAD for create houses,
buildings and terrains in FreeCAD... and even patterns for floors, walls, doors and any thing
thad i need for designs, textures and billboards.

I am new with LibreCAD and still i get help needed for some things like "hash tool" and "create
blocks for my sketches and drawings, with the create block tool in LibreCAD"... Sometimes
i look to tutorials at youtube, but it doesn't helps by every problem.

I hope thad i can ask help at the "LibreCAD Forum" for all my problems... just i can further with
my projects...

Greats Jamie..., dutsh user, living in Holland, Vlissingen...