How do I stop a long process on Windows 10?

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How do I stop a long process on Windows 10?

Hello all,

How do I get a LibreCAD process to stop when the rotating circle stays on for a long time?

Here are the details:

I am not sure if my subject line is clear. Let me tell you what happened last night.

BTW, I am on Windows 10, 16 GB memory, I7 processor.

  • I tried to move all the objects in my drawing representing the interior of a food trailer to a different location.
  • I chose all the objects in all 7 layers with ctrl+A.
  • Then used the Move/Copy command icon.
  • LibreCad started displaying a rotating circle.
  • I waited 45 minutes, nothing happened.
  • Left the computer on, went to bed. After three hours the computer was supposed to go to sleep mode.
  • Got up this morning, started the computer.
  • LibreCAD still had the rotating circle.
  • I finally had to kill the LibreCad process with the Task Manager, losing the results of about two hours of work.