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Intro: Retired Engineer who still has 3 slide-rules & full drafting set for ink/pencil & dozen french curves.  Am trying several CAD s/w and so far like LibreCad.

Suggestion: Documentation: Manual should give definition of several nebulous terms -
Widgets - are the graphical elements (menu text or icons) on which the user can click to perform or activate whatever the word or icon represents.  Widgets are NOT the tool or action, they the GUI that causes something to happen.
DockWidgets -  [I have no idea what this means which is why I make this suggestion]
Other terms - etc

Question: I am doing a large plan (basically a rectangle) with several dozen features along the edges.  To dimension each of those features from one edge (zero point) would require several dozen stacked dimension lines.  I want to show just the extension line to the feature and the end arrow with the dimension as in the example below.
 |<--       25-->|      43-->|   76-->|     125-->| etc.
Is there a way of doing this?  Can the dimension line to the left of the value be deleted or hidden.  I'd hate to have to make all of these using leader lines, hand drawn extension lines, and hand entered values.

Thanks,  Since i don't know the arrangement of these forums, i'll try to also post these in other forum.