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Introducing RobertAlexander ( yey! )


Hello there R.A here from New Zealand. : - )

I am drawing crazy, I doodle on notebooks, printer paper, receipts etc
Mostly technical drawing, mechanical, construction, sculpture etc.

I can't help but design stuff... I became interested in flight simulators and
went crazy making joystick, quite wacky designs but really good to use.

Bicycles, RC aeroplanes. ... on and on. heck...

So I use MS paint for ages. and frankly no centerpoint circle is a problem
and the offset zoom. Ugh. so bad. But quick! yes. mmmm...

Well I decided to try a C.A.D program and Libre CAD looked visually the best.
( I am fussy about this kind of thing ) and free. ( I am of modest means )

What am I drawing at the moment:

Well I have been doing random lines and circles. : - )
and a trigger mechanism for an air rifle. ( my own design ...)
Later on I need to design a trailer and then the house to go on it !!!

Things to do:

I really need to make a quick "how to" on certain basic things.

Draw lines.
Draw circles to n radius.
Draw rectangle/squares to size.
Circles in the right places.
Move things around.

gosh there is so much to remember!

Anyway I will make some notes and do a write up at some stage.
It's always good to have a fresh view on something.

So there you go. Hi!

Look forward to doing some drawing and posting feed back.

Warmest greetings!