Is this plugin possible? (And can someone help make it?)

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Is this plugin possible? (And can someone help make it?)


To begin with, I'm happy to discuss paying for someone to develop this feature for me - unfortunately I don't have the technical skills to do it myself.

I would like a feature which I hope is possible using LibreCAD plugins.

Below is a picture with a typical example of something I'm using LibreCAD for.  It's a full-size template for a curved metal tube, and I'm printing it out on a large-format printer.

I'm using the tessellating pages feature to calculate how many sheets will contain the drawing, but as you can imagine, there's a lot of blank paper being printed out!

I want a plugin or something that will calculate the minimum sizes of paper that I can use to print it out, and then stick together - I've drawn in red over the drawing as an example of optimum page usage.

The printer has a maximum size of 914mm wide x some length long (I need to keep experimenting to find out what the maximum is), and I'd like a margin to allow me to stick it together (and to work around printer margins), and possibly origination lines or something in the background to help me align it when I stick them together.

If this is something anyone can help with, please let me know.  As mentioned above, I'm happy to discuss paying for this feature or donating something to LibreCAD to help it along

Typical print and optimal tessellation