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Issue #358

In  Issue #358 atorrey says:
"When measuring the angles on an arc, I have not found it possible to get LibreCAD to print an angle greater than 180*, even though that is the value I am interested in for my drawing.

If I try moving the cursor to the outside area, the program draws the extra lines for the corresponding angle, and gives the smaller value. It doesn't matter in what order I select the two lines of the angle.

I will grant that it is always possible to calculate the value of the opposite angle by subtracting from 360*, but the extra manual step shouldn't be needed.

The better program behavior IMHO would be for the program to give the value for the angle that matches the cursor position - i.e. 180* if it is outside the angle."

Can someone tell me how to measure the angle on an arc??
Or does he just mean an angle between two lines?? if so, it seems to work for me.