LibreCAD 2.0.0 beta 2 released.

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LibreCAD 2.0.0 beta 2 released.

LibreCAD 2.0.0 beta 2 has been released.

From dli

We are pleased to announce the releasing of 2.0.0beta2 of LibreCAD.

After hard working for 4 months, LibreCAD is stabilizing down after many bug fixes for:

1, dxfrw; 2, printing; 3, OS/X specific crashes; 4, some Windows specific building support;

Please continue to help us reach the stable 2.0.0 release faster by using LC-2.0.0beta2 and reporting bugs to our sourceforge bug tracker.

Please note it may take a few days for us to prepare the the installer files for downloading, while the latest source code is always available at:

Please see the full article at: