LibreCAD Terminal interfacing

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LibreCAD Terminal interfacing


OS: MacOS Monterey 12.0.1
  Version: 2.1.3
  Compiler: Clang 8.0.0
  Compiled on: Sep 22 2016
  Qt Version: 5.6.1
  Boost Version: 1.60.0
  System: OS X 10.16

Suppose I have a test suite which generates a dxf file, and I would like to be able to automatically open this file after said suite is done (to check for any bugs or inconsistencies).

Currently I do
open -a LibreCAD, and subsequently open the file via cmd-o and a mouse double click.

Is it possible to do something like "open -a LibreCAD 'output_files/generated.dxf'"?
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Re: LibreCAD Terminal interfacing

The Linux version does this, with the bash shell, when calling

librecad /path/to/the/file.dxf

it opens librecad and loads the dxf file.

I don't know nothing about MacOS, so I can't be of help here, sorry.