LibreCad crashes when using Blocks with ellipse

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LibreCad crashes when using Blocks with ellipse


i use LibreCAD 2.2.0 Official Release Compiled at the Dec 17 2022 on Windows 10 22H2.
I often create Blocks out of Drawings from different sources. They use all kind of DXF-Base-Elements. When I use this blocks, LibreCAD will often crash.
I could find out that the use of a ellipse will cause the crash. When I clean the block so that only lines, rectangles, circles and arcs are used LibreCAD works without crashing.

I could reproduce the error with the attached drawing. The Block contains only a ellipse. When you insert the block  multiple times LibreCAD will crash. I tested this on multiple Computers. Sometime it needs some time, but when inserting fast with lot of mouse-movement it took not much more then 10s each time for the crash.
This will not happen with 'clean' blocks.


I know the Problem and can fix it by cleaning the block. But it would save a lot of time.

Does anyone can reproduce this Problem too?

Thank you very much for your help.