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Librecad italian translation


I've traslated Librecad in italian language (not 100% but more accurate and more complete than current translation I hope :).

With "Qt 5 linguist" program on my Ubuntu, loaded librecad_it.ts file (found on github), made translation, released as librecad_it.qm file and replaced old file.

It works.

I know this is not the correct way but I needed a decent translation for my students and the translation server doesn't work since long time.

if anyone wants to have the translated file let me know.

Best regards
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Re: Librecad italian translation

Many thanks @robbe for your efforts and your intention to share your work.

The synchronization of the translation server with GitHub is broken, so we deactivated the server to avoid loss of efforts.

I'll send you a private message where you can sent the file to.

Many thanks again,

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