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Total newb with very modest aspirations for this program.
The move/copy command is something I use a LOT to create arrays, corrections etc.
The duplicate/copy part is well worth the effort to create multiple copies of a drawing/piece with snap etc.
The two reference points is a bit counterintuitive - but you can get used to that pretty fast - it's just a case of having some faith that something will happen...eventually.
The MOVE part I'd really, really like to be able to move with the up-down-left-right-arrows...this would be FASTER and a LOT MORE INTUITIVE.
This is not a case of instead of - this is a case of as well as.
I also find that the move/copy command has a bug - or perhaps I'm not using it right, but it seems to me that if the process is
a) select move/copy, select item, select reference point(s), move/copy it works fine
BUT if
b) the process is instead
select item, select move/copy
then I have to hit enter to RESELECT the item that's already been selected to "register" it with move/copy,
select reference points, move/copy it works also - but clunkily because of the double select process.

Better to move what's selected, regardless of whether it's selected BEFORE or after the move/copy command - after all - what is selected - should be SELECTED - least throughout that layer - I suspect it's not possible to select across multiple layers - so by default - select should be global not local. Haven't tried this with other operations but suspect it's a universal bug
select then action should be equivalent to action then select - both logically and operationally - so I'm looking for action & select to be commutative so that once selected any action can be performed - that's how I think - grab this then pound on it with a hammer or a screwdriver or a chisel or whatever - that's why you put the toolbox next to the work - rather than going inside and bringing out a screwdriver, then going inside and bringing out a hammer etc.

MOVE by up,down,left,right arrows would be a nice add on that would simplify the MOVE command considerably for those that just want to move something quickly and easily.

Making select and action commutative would also be an improvement - probably a harder fix then adding arrows though.
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I support your ideas.
In theory it doesn't seem complicated.
The program already knows what is selected.

if selections > 0:
  ask for reference point
  ask for selection