Magic layer transformation - feature?

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Magic layer transformation - feature?

I am a new LC user. I do have some experience with AutoCad.  ( don't know how to measure that )

1. - I have been having some problems with layers flipping to construction layers without my permission. In the last case, I zoomed the view so that I might attempt to trim  some stuff and saw that the scale seemed really strange ( to me anyway ). So I reset the scale. This turned the drawing area all gray and did not allow any input. ( Now I am guessing the the system was working very hard to do what I asked AND it was not a thing I should have done )  When I could provide input/mouse selections, ( I think I told a non visible layer to display ) Poof .... all of the lines went to infinity.

I had seen this happen before but I couldn't pin point a specific action. BUT you can take my word for it... someplace that flag(?) is being turned when it is not suppose to be turned.

OK... I lied... more stuff

2. - It would be nice if the pop up windows ( i.e., attributes etc. ) were movable so that I could get them out of the way.  It is OK that no input to the drawing window is allowed. I just want to look at what the pop up is covering.

3. - I can't seem to figure out how to trim in 2 different cases.
 A. 4 parallel vertical lines. 4 horizontal lines ( think hash mark ) . the only part of the horz lines I want to see  are between vert 1,2 and vert 3,4. horz lines between 2,3 gone.
 B.  2 vert & parallel rect intersect circle, trim the circle inside the rects

A 20% salary increase to the 1st one with the correct answer... Oh wait .. 20% of 0.. never mind


P.S.  after reading other posts... RTFM just a bit more something that might explain title problem