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Missing accelerators

Hello devs,
I just got this from one of the Chinese translators:

2011/6/29 wubaorong <[hidden email]>:
> Hi, Scott
> I tried the  Release Candidate. It's really great.
> But one problem is that all the shortcut character's underlines are
> disappear.
> Maybe it is a bug or some mistakes I made in translation.
> cheers,
> Wu Baorong

The Windows builds apparently are missing the qt accelerators in all
languages, but they are present in the Linux builds (the underlined
characters in the menus.)

Does anyone know about this? I've also seen that the icons in the
menus are missing in Linux, but are present in windows (perhaps these
two issues are related?)

And please cc: [hidden email] to correspondence since he isn't on
this mailing list

I can open a github issue if we don't know what the problem is