Missing tools in my opinion (sorry, it's long, but it is important!)

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Missing tools in my opinion (sorry, it's long, but it is important!)

Hi, I am doing very well with LC... What about you guys?  
By using LC I found some little downside that many other people could have encountered like me, so I have some advice for you to improve LC:

1-Put in "Current Drawing Preferences" a dimensioning tool like "fixed extension length" in order visualize dimensions clearly, because sometimes there are too many dimensions that intersect and the the draw results not very clear/clean... (especially if someone draws buildings like me!!!)

2- In "Insert Text" command could be good to have a kind of little Wordpad tool in order to asset text in a better way, KEEPING THE ALIGNMENT TOOL (seriousely, the insert text alignment tool is one of my favorite tool on LC, and saved me much time!!!). It is normal having bold-underlined-coursive fonts in every cad program... so why not in LC!

3-Separate move/copy command in two other different commands MOVE and COPY. Clicking every time if cancel or not is something that take me a lot lot lot lot of time, and I think this happens to many other people

4-Switch directly on command line every time you draw something that requires coordinates, center points, dimensions, etc... in order to avoid to click on command line e very time!

5-Considering the point 4, it would also be useful put a relative @ on a snap bar!!!

6- Create serparate toolbars and show all the commands

pictures are concerning in order: suggest 1, suggest 2 and suggest 6
anyway I uploaded pictures in case they are too small in this topic sugg.zip
thanks to all you for all the work you are doing!!!

...the problem is not the problem, the problem is your aptitude about the problem...