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My suggestions for little details...


First of all: thank you for a great program!
It does many things very good.

The devil is in the details I would say:

Here are my suggestions:

- When typing a command in the command window: I would like to
see what I type. It's confusing to have no feedback, unless you complete the line.

- I would like to repeat the last used command with <space bar>
It's very disruptive to your work flow to always switch between mouse and keyboard.
Right Click does work, but I want both methods :)

- When using commands like 'trim" 'offset' 'copy/move'
When you choose one of these commands.
 I would like to see a "selection cursor" at that moment. Something like a square
Then press <enter> and back to a normal cursur. (Crosshatch or whatever appropriate)
I find it confusing having no visual can I select now? Is my selection now finished and can I do the next step with this command?

Looking very closely at the crosshatch/selection cursor. I actually can see it change a little bit.
Just a tiny bit. I would propose a square for your selection cursor and the normal crosshatch when you proceed to the next step, after you pressed <enter>