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New(ish) to LibreCAD

Gary S

I've been using LibreCAD for a several months now.  My drafting experience predates CAD, so I guess it was just "D", aided by drafting machines, triangles, scales, compasses and my ever useful erasing shield that I still have. My CAD experience goes back a long time - AutoCAD 10 on a DOS and then a few versions on Windows.  Over the years I have used several other CAD applications for my personal use; GenericCAD (DOS), VisualCAD (Numera / Corel / ...), EasyCAD (also DOS), TurboCAD, and maybe a couple of others I have tried.  Of the commercial packages, VisualCAD became my favorite - pretty easy to use, fast and all the features I needed.  I think LibreCAD is getting pretty close, and it runs on Linux (Mint)...

The most significant thing I miss is feet / inches input (Metric was introduced in Canada in the '70s .  While I do speak "SI", I was born into Imperial measure.  The system of measure goes back and forth depending on the industry).  I'm dusting off my programming skills (it is a thick layer of dust) and may be able to offer something at a later date...

I've been using the "dailies" (I see 2.1.0-beta this morning).  It has been stable and I've seen the features mature tremendously.  Thanks to all the contributers...