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New user in Canada

David Henderson
Hi there - i am in the process of constructing a new structure on my property, and the planning department requires a site plan, printed to a "common" scale. I have a copy of my survey, and needed a way to get the site plan printed off, with the new structure placed. I figured CAD software would be a good way to produce a drawing, and came across this software when looking for an opensource alternative to AutoCAD.

After a few hours of poking around, i finally figured out how to use it for what I need to do. Actually "few" hours is not correct; i spent tons of time unsuccessfully trying out how to enter line angles in Surveyor's Units (this is the way they are recorded on my survey), but figured a workaround.

Next up (presuming planning approval) will be using the software to produce the drawings required by the building department. I'm sure i will discover many more aspects of the software!

Anybody out there know how to enter surveyor's units? and how to dimension a line with them?