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Newbie and need help

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Do You Need a Laser Receiver for Your Cross-Line Laser Level?

From cross line laser level review, the main function of a laser receiver is to guide a laser line to its destination, this means the visibility and accuracy of the laser line will be more efficient. The receiver is that component that reads the transmitted laser light that is emitted from the transmitter. The receiver can read both weak and strong signals of the laser so that the laser level user can adjust accordingly. A cross line laser can be highly effective when used with a laser receiver.

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How Does the Laser Receiver Work?

The laser receiver works through photo-diodes that are sensitive to light. These photodiodes can read and detect light at 360 degrees. In addition to detecting strong and weak signals, these laser receivers are insensitive to external interferences, which means their effectiveness cannot be disturbed by external factors. When paired with a cross-line laser, the receiver can help recover lost laser signals, thus allowing your laser level to receive a very strong signal for accurate measurement. The laser receiver is also fortified with an automatic blade control to ensure the desired plane for measurement.

Does a Cross-line Laser Level Need a Laser Receiver?

Despite being the best laser level type, a cross line laser level will benefit tremendously from the use of a laser receiver. The need for a laser receiver for cross line laser measurement will depend on the effectiveness of the laser level. Some cross-line laser levels are very efficient especially when they are used indoors, hence they may not require assistance from a laser receiver. A cross-line laser level with weak laser signals will surely require the assistance of a laser receiver.

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What are the Other Benefits of Laser Receivers?

Laser receivers provide visual guidance for laser level users. This is particularly important for construction jobs like grading. With a laser receiver, you can either reduce or speed up your laser leveling, making it more efficient and more profitable. Laser receivers help improve material yield, and because they are very flexible for several laser levels, they can help reduce the time for laser measurements. Using a laser receiver with the best self leveling laser level will help eliminate communication errors on job sites. Laser receivers will also help improve job site management.

Leveling and alignment benefits are also offered by laser detectors. Since cross-laser levels provide both vertical and horizontal laser lines at the same, alignment works, such as laying out of interior walls and plumbing of concrete can be made a lot easier through proper laser positioning assisted by a laser receiver. Laser detectors offer a competitive advantage to contractors, thus reducing the costs of handling several construction work components. Laser receivers can also reduce the risks of wasting resources in many instances. The Best Cross Line Laser Level Reviews provide more information on how to use laser level receivers efficiently for different professional jobs.

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Re: Newbie and need help

There is no built in manual, only a link to online help. Maybe that's missing in your Linux version. Maybe also you have an older version. The present official Linux release is 2.1.2 or 2.1.3.
This link is for 2.2.0 rc, but mostly valid for 2.1.3 also: