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Hello All,

The "oldie" bit refers to my long familiarity with AutoCad and other CAD programs, including ProgeCad, Rhino and a one-off called TotalCad3D.

I like trying out open source, non-Autodesk programs so was delighted to find LibreCad.  I'm not going to  highlight things it doesn't have compared with AutoCad because the latter is a corporate product with loads of resources thrown at it and LibreCad is a volunteer effort.

I've quite enjoyed getting used to LibreCad - I work in building survey and in a bit of a busman's holiday i've used it to create house floorplans for two friends.  With one or two work-arounds, LibreCad was perfectly up to the job and the simplicity was rather refreshing.  I can see it being very handy for stuff like creating sewing patterns or designing furniture.  AutoCad is vastly over the top for this and even it's basic version costs stupid money per seat.

I have to say well done to the devs and documenters for LibreCad.