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Good day to all,

First of all, a big thank you for welcoming me to this forum in English even if I do not practice much language since I retired in 1996. I hope you will have some indulgences towards me.

During my professional activity, I was a computer system engineer and I was part of a team that had the responsibility of maintenance and system development on the computers of the company Europter today EADS Helicopter (IBM OS / 390 and VM / 390 , HP, HPUX, Solaris SUN, Digital VAX / VMS, Silicon Graphics, Honeywell Bull DSP / 6). I was mainly concerned with Graphic applications (CADAM, a little CATIA, Autocad of the time) for machining processing on CNC machines.

In recent years, for small plans necessary for my crafts, I am looking for a 2D CAD software on my PC to replace the software MicroCadam dating from the 90s that I have kept long enough in a virtual machine Windows XP Professional installed under Oracle VirtualBox.

Having changed my Windows 7 PC for a Windows 10, after various unsuccessful tests of free softwares because I do not have an intensive use, I finally fell back alas! ... on my ancestral MicroCadam by reinstalling again a Windows XP professional under Oracle VirtualBox!...

In the end, I focused on LibreCAD which appeared to me the most interesting even if I do not find functionalities and ergonomic facilities of MicroCadam.

I think I'll explain it later if it can help.

Best cordially regards.
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Re: Presentation

Bonjour and welcome !


French hobbyist interested in 2D design.