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Re display issues

I am having issues with Librecad display, The issue is that the program has moved to the top left-hand corner, so it covers up the menu bar.
My issue is that I am New to the operating system, and your program
I am running an  Acer Aspire system with a Linux SUSE 15.2  with a dell monitor.
I haven't had any issues until now.
Can You please assist me sort out this issue?
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Re: Re display issues

I'm not firm with SUSE or KDE which is the window manager I think.
But there should be ways to move a window even when its title bar is out of screen.
For my Linux I can use the ALT key with left mouse button to drag any window.
Or with a right click on the task bar I get a context menu, where I can select move window to relocate it with the mouse.

If nothing helps, you can search for LibreCAD.conf, which is usually in ~/.config/LibreCAD/.
Open it when LibreCAD is closed, with any text editor.
Find the section [Geometry] and change the values for keys WindowX, WindowY, WindowHight or WindowWidth to fit your screen.
Save the conf file and start LibreCAD again.