Select Window snap use - locked up drawing

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Select Window snap use - locked up drawing

Land Owner
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I switched from Select Entity to Select Window and back a couple of times.  Now, the drawing is locked in Select Window.  I cannot switch back to Select Entity.  What am I doing wrong?

Ordinarily, LibreCAD drawings defaults to Entity Select.  Currently, the drawing I am in, the default has become Windows Select, as if there is a command awaiting execution.  I have looked far and wide and find no such command.  I am stymied...

I can put in individual lines, circles, and a series of polylines, but I cannot select any specific entity after these are put into the drawing.

It is one drawing, which I could restart from a backup, but had hoped to find the solution in case this happens again.  Other drawings when opened, operate in the manner expected of LibreCAD.