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Stretch undo

If I stretch an exploded rectangle, "undo" progressively removes lines, starting at the "reference corner". REDO 'brings' them back but doesn't reverse the stretch.

An unexploded rectangle disappears after 2 clicks of "undo"

Reversing the stretch is possible by entering the same co-ordinates "in reverse"

After 'Stretching' the end of a single line to any intersection (I just used a random operation to check) 'undo' deletes the line after 2 clicks. Again REDO 'brings' it back but doesn't reverse the stretch.

Stretch in itself works as expected, it is just the undo aspect that appears not to, or at least as I expect. Please note I don't consider this to be a major problem, but is this as "stretch" is currently intended to work? I'd really appreciate any comments.

As a positive comment from me, LC is a great piece of programming, congratulations to all involved in making it freely available and my sincere thanks for all your efforts, I only wish I could contribute other than by asking questions.

I'm running LC 2.2.0 alpha on daily build.
OS Ubuntu MATE 16.04 ASUS F552L.