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Translation for master and 2.0 branch

With the release of LibreCAD 2.0.8 the code repository has been split into two branches.

While on the master branch massive changes occurs for a future 2.1 version, the 2.0 branch is less active. The 2.0 branch's latest release is 2.0.8 and it is the base for future 2.0.x bug fix releases.

As the code base is split, we also have separate ts files for both branches now.
On the pootle server you still have the project folders ts and plugins for the ts files of the master branch.
Additionally you find the project folders ts2.0 and plugins2.0 for the ts files of the 2.0 branch now.

I expect that future 2.0.x releases will find their way into several Linux distributions and I suppose that we will see one or more 2.0.x releases before the first 2.1 release appears.
Therefor I recommend to favorite the translation of the 2.0 branch first. The master branch, as already said, is under heavy construction and the translation source may heavy change too. It is advisable to wait for a 2.1 beta or release candidate to continue master branch translation.

We have missed the pootle update on 2.0.8 release, thus some work is to do on the 2.0 branch now. So take a deep breath and get to it!

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