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Wishlist: Layer Groupings

I know some might say we should at least be able to reorder layers according to their z-axis values first, but.... here goes anyway.

It would be nice to be able to group layers together. If nothing else, but so you could switch their visibility and/or lock on and off with one click.

I often have a layer or three for, say, an assembly -- and a layer for that assembly's dimensions. If I could group them together, I could toggle the assembly's visibility all at once.

Another advantage would be the ability to collapse all the groups and simplify the layer list. Then you could expand one group and work on that group without all the others nagging you, "I'm here, look at me!"  :) You could see all your layer groups in one list, which makes it easier to account.

For now, I just entitle the layers starting with the same name: Guide-body, Guide-inset, Guide-dim, for example. At least then I can click them on/off easier because they're all in the same vicinity.

If the z-axis could be controlled from the layer list, you could move groups up and down so they appear in different orders in the drawing. But that's just pie-in-the-sky, I know.