Zoom pan constantly on and hiding text

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Zoom pan constantly on and hiding text


For some reason zoom pan has taken control of my work. It is permanently on - even without me clicking or highlighting it). When I pan using it, the text disappears completely and all I see are empty boxes. I really do need to see text on the drawing, not print preview.

Is there a way of totally disabling zoom pan? I prefer scroll bars, which I have ticked in App Preferences.
To do the obvious, I unticked the scroll bars, saved file, closed all, reopened, ticked scroll bars. Result = no change. Zoom pan not highlighted but still operating. No amount of kills/esc stops it.

BTW, what are the ## when saving files? And why are there 2 identical .dxf files showing, though with different time?

Thanks in advance

Version: 2.2.0-rc1-254-g9f2c32dd
Compiler: GNU GCC 4.9.2
Compiled on: Jun 12 2020
Qt Version: 5.5.1
Boost Version: 1.65.1
System: Windows 10